Employee Connect Program

An organization’s success is related to the engagement and efficiency of the employees. The engagement and efficiency of the employees is dependent on the clarity and openness of communication within the organization.

This is a major factor we have various communication and Employee Connect programs running in at Jabong, which begin at the day an employee sets foot in the office onwards. The Induction program called ‘Pravesh’, the ‘Orientation Program’ coupled with the support through the ‘Buddy Program’ help the new joiners in getting familiar with the organization.

The very frequent and highly successful ‘Sampark’ program is the name coined for our Open House meetings. These function wide monthly meetings help us resolve bottlenecks and strategize.

The Employee Engagement survey conducted was called ‘Pratibimb’ where we reflected on the commitment levels of our employees and took their feedback as data points for improvement.

We conduct recurrent Town Halls for the employees to connect with the top management and get aligned with the overall growth and business plans of the organization.

The HR team also reaches out to the employees on a daily basis resolving their grievances and responding to their queries. This initiative, the ‘Samvaad’ helps to understand the pulse of the organization.

We also have regular focus group meetings with a solution oriented approach.